Teresa went from a size 10 to a 4!

Thousand Oaks Boot Camper Teresa Hard Charging through the Spartan Race

“After a workout with Miguel, I am completely soaked…perfectly exhausted – seemingly renewed, and ready to take on anything in my day!

Since starting with Miguel a year ago, my physical stamina has increased tenfold…and my dress size has dropped from 10 to a 4! It’s been empowering, both physically and mentally. Prior to Miguel my sole exercise was tennis a couple of times a week. After a break from tennis, and recovering from a torn ACL and surgery, I learned through Miguel’s training that there was so much more to be gained physically besides using tennis as my sole source of exercise. I now have more endurance and strength both on and off the tennis court. More dramatically, after years of suffering the effects of Crohn’s Disease and the many abdominal surgeries leaving me colon-less, I never thought I would be able to run again…but now I’m able to run 5Ks, and the feeling I get from it is pure empowerment!

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Teresa went from a size 10 to a size 4!

I think Miguel’s Boot Camp and Training is different from other programs because he brings his “Marine-type” training and knowledge to the gym. Miguel gets results. It’s his passion, guaranteed! He has a record of doing it and a reputation to keep it going. The “family-run” aspect makes it a truly unique atmosphere..they really care about the personal progress each and every person is making. There is a real sense that you are under great care and that you won’t be left behind. The workouts are always high intensity…and the camaraderie within the workout session is always present. This is helping my family as a whole, as now they are seeing and feeling the benefits of moving their own bodies. The whole feeling is infectious. I am thankful for Miguel in getting me to a point physically that I thought would never happen and even more thankful for getting this process realized for my husband as well! Thank you for keeping it fun and mixing it up so that the daily routine is never boring…and lastly, thank you for the awesome new gym and new equipment to personalize it even more! -Teresa D.

Thousand Oaks Boot Camper Teresa Hard Charging through the Spartan Race

Teresa hard charging through the Spartan Race! 🙂 Click LIKE and Comment below!

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  1. Candy
    7 years ago

    Okay, I just have to say, you have to see this girl in person! The arms! I love, love them! She is amazing!!

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