Joaquin lost 30 lbs!

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“So far thanks to Miguel, his meal plans, and workouts I have been able to lose 30 pounds. It’s an accomplishment that I never thought possible before joining Miguel’s boot camp. After a workout with Miguel I feel amazing and rejuvenated. With each workout I can feel my body getting stronger and my endurance building. At the end I have a sense of accomplishment because I know that I’m pushing myself as hard as possible to be great. Its an amazing feeling to know how far you’ve come, and with every workout I do with Miguel I know that I am getting closer to achieving my goals.

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Joaquin lost 30lbs!

Before working out with Miguel I would become winded after just one trip up the stairs to start my morning and as a result I would take the elevator instead. Now I am able to go up the stairs throughout the day without ever getting winded. At times I play basketball with a group of friends and I am the fastest person on the court, where before I was the slowest and heaviest. I wasn’t able to get through one game without feeling like I was going to run out of breath. I also suffer from shin splints and since training with Miguel I have lost weight and in doing so my shins greatly improved to the point where I can run long distance at ease.

Now I perform his workouts with confidence knowing that I can accomplish them, and therefore I train to the point of exhaustion. I haven’t heard of a program yet where you’ve done your workout and you know you gave it your all because you are drenched in your own sweat. After one of Miguel’s workouts you literally earn your shower. The main difference I see with Miguel’s Boot Camp and the rest is RESULTS!

I’ve seen results first hand and I would encourage anyone I care about to go through with his program. Once I joined, I convinced my parents to go because we had always struggled with weight loss and sticking to a regimen. I knew that with the help and experience of Miguel’s training he could help my family stay healthy and fit. So far he’s done exactly that, my mother is on a path to having the body she never thought she could have, and my father is on his way to getting his body back.

I would like to thank Miguel for his motivation, encouragement, and discipline. I know that with Miguel’s training I have an opportunity to make a dream become a reality! My dream and ambition is to become a police officer, and before Miguel’s Boot Camp I was in no condition to even pass the physical entrance exam. Throughout the months I have been training with Miguel I have gained the confidence and discipline I need to not only get through the police academy, but to also have a safe a successful career in law enforcement. I attend Miguel’s Boot Camp every day (and sometimes twice a day) with a purpose, and Miguel fuels that purpose. It is impossible to just say thank you to a man that took you into his fitness program and gave you a chance to be great. The only way to truly say thank you to Miguel is through action. I will continue with Miguel’s Boot Camp even after I am hired with a department and become the best police officer I can be physically and mentally. I have seen the changes in my daily life and in my body and it’s an incredible experience to have and for that I am forever grateful to Miguel. – Joaquin Q.

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