Heather lost 15 lbs of fat!

thousand oaks personal training client, heather celebrating her 50th

“Migs is different. The experience at Hard Charger Training Center in Thousand Oaks is amazing. You feel like you receive 1:1 attention and it is a micro-family. We socialize, encourage and support each other. Even at the wee hours of the morning, there is energy and a positive vibe. It is amazing how creative the workouts can be. I never have the exact same experience every day which is great for my body and my mind. Not knowing what to expect makes the experience especially challenging and fun! Though I never want to rise and shine and would rather rest, I hear Miguel’s voice in my head saying “Heather – you don’t want muffin top, or butt drop… get out of bed and do it for you!” He is not only a trainer – he is a motivational speaker!
Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Heather lost 15lbs!It just takes that first step – just 1 week. Those short term goals will move you to addiction. It is that addiction that will drive you to do more, and once you have it, it is hard to get rid of. My mom has always been in good shape, but after having been diagnosed with a cardiac condition that has rendered her incapacitated, it motivated me to care for my own heart, my own health and do it so I can be active and strong in my older years.

It is amazing once you start strengthening different areas of your body how you become more agile, balanced and energized. I travel frequently and at times, am asked if I need help putting my bag in the overhead bin. I say, “Thank you, but no. I’ve GOT this”, as I hoist my 1 ton bag up over my head and shove it in place. I see my strides through the airport lugging my bags as an extension of my boot camp experience!

Miguel has helped me reach so many personal goals, I ran my first Spartan Race last year and most recently a Super Spartan to celebrate my 50th Birthday last month! Eight miles and 25+ obstacles – who would think that would be possible at my age?

Heather recently celebrated her 50th Birthday conquering the 8 mile, 25 obstacle - Super Spartan Race in Las Vegas... Go Heather! 😀 Click LIKE & Comment below!

Having a high stress job, I need this release. There is always humor to start my day, I have an amazing and always creative workout experience, and I have energy to finish it. I feel stronger – more alive. Just when you think you cannot do one more, they tell you 10 more! And you do it! I thank you and my husband thanks you!

I have whined, I have cried, I have cussed you out and I have given up. Thank you for being there for me through it all, and believing in me. Thank you for all of the encouragement and belief you have in me, and in everyone you train. It is your motivating, heartfelt warmth that keeps me coming back. You, Fernando and Nina have embraced each and every one of your clients in an incredible way, you have made a tremendous impact on so many lives, individual health and true happiness. Thank you so much!” – Heather G.

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  1. Candy
    7 years ago

    You continue to AMAZE me!!

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