Candy lost 91lbs!

Thousand Oaks personal training and boot camper Candy doing her first pull up in a random place

I think I hit my low point when my doctor diagnosed me with sleep apnea due to my weight. My energy level was non-existent. I simply gave up on myself and I had grown used to aching in the morning when I got out of bed. Even the simplest task were a pain, even tying my shoes! I was an avid watcher of the “Biggest Loser” and I wanted what they had. I wanted the trainer that would push me and transform me. I found it. I’m finally an example to my kids. I take them to Miguel because it is important for them to understand determination and the gift of pushing yourself. Miguel teaches character and don’t ever give up on yourself. I lost 70 lbs. in the first six months. I know this is a lot of weight to lose in a short amount of time, but there was and still is an unspoken accountability to Miguel. I spend most of my week doing “two a days” because I want to succeed and it has helped me practice what Miguel has taught me.

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Candy Lost 91 lbs!

How do you pay back the guy that has given you your life back? This is not a weight loss story, this is a transformation story. Both mentally and physically. During my first six months with Miguel, my mother passed away unexpectedly. It would have been easy for me to slip backwards, but Miguel would never allow that to happen.

Candy doing her first pull up in a random place! 😛

I have heard people say “it is a life style change.” I never really bought into that, until now. Only after time with Miguel, learning about food choices and understanding my body, I now understand what that means.

I will always remember, showing up to work out with Miguel my first day and him trying to get me to do a couple of jumping jacks and a one, yes one, burpee. I was so humiliated that I could not even do the simplest tasks. His “no excuses” attitude has pushed me to do things that I didn’t think I could do or no longer do. I don’t know how to explain, but his Marine type encouragement, makes you want to push harder to succeed. As I accomplished small goals, my self-esteem flourished. The first time I ran one mile, without stopping, I left Miguel that day in tears. He didn’t know, but I had happy tears. I can do this. I went into this journey to lose weight. I NEVER anticipated or expected the transformation of my confidence. You can’t work out with Miguel without gaining confidence. It is an incredible feeling to reach into your teen daughter’s closet and pull out one of their shirts to wear! Talk about a self-esteem booster!

Getting my life back has been the best investment I have made. I tell them to give it 3 months. If you have as much weight to lose as I did (70+ lbs.), the first 3 months are difficult. You have to face the humiliation and just get through it. You will be nervous each and every day that you meet with him. I was nervous (and still am) just getting on the freeway to go meet him, but it is worth it. Once you are there, you will feel empowered. You will feel stronger, younger and begin to understand just what your body is capable of. Trust Miguel.” – Candy N.

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  1. Elena
    7 years ago

    What an inspirational story. Candy, you are amazing. I remember when I first brought my friend Victoria in to try boot camp I pointed Candy out to her and – having seen her on your website – she said, “oh, so she’s a real person?” I laughed and said, “yes!” And everything about this is real. All you have to do is show up. Miguel will do the rest 🙂

  2. Liza
    7 years ago

    Candy – your story truly is an inspiration! And it’s also an amazing example of Miguel’s Marine-style caring, motivation and support!

  3. Candy
    7 years ago

    Thanks, ladies:) Yes, I’m a real person, that is a great compliment! Show up and keep showing up…no matter what!

  4. Jesse
    6 years ago

    Miguel is the man! I reached my goal in about 3 to 4 months. It would have taken quite a bit longer had I not enrolled in his Boot Camp. He has a great attitude and likes to have a good time while whooping you into shape. Had a lot of fun! And for anyone who likes good music during their workout. That was a nice addition. Thanks Miguel!

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