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Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks is brought to you by a United States MarineVentura County Star Reader’s Choice awarded favorite Boot Camp and Fitness Center for 7 years running!  My Thousand Oaks Boot Camp is the very best available – I guarantee it! I am not only an NASM Certified Master Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist I’m a highly decorated United States Marine.  As someone who has been through USMC Boot Camp, trust me, I know how to teach one! I have modified my training methods into focused fat blasting techniques that anyone can do. Your results are money back guaranteed – how many gyms can say that? Questions – just call or email me directly: 818.538.MIGS PTbyMiguel@gmail.com  

–  Marine Miguel

Owner, Hard Charger Training Center

Miguels Boot Camp in Thousand Oaks can help you break the crazy cycle

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Candy Lost 91 lbs!

“I think I hit my low point when my doctor diagnosed me with sleep apnea due to my weight. My energy level was non-existent. I simply gave up on myself and I had grown used to aching in the morning when I got out of bed. Even the simplest task were a pain, even tying my shoes! I was an avid watcher of the “Biggest Loser” and I wanted what they had. I wanted the trainer that would push me and transform me. I found it. I’m finally an example to my kids. I take them to Miguel because…(read more)
Miguel’s Boot Camp vs. the rest:
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Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Leslie lost 18lbs!

“Miguel is different from the rest because he actually cares and is aggressive in a good way…he’s highly passionate about his job and pushes you to your limits. My overall health and conditioning has improved and I’m able to have the strength and energy to take care of my family. I feel invigorated, energized, motivated & my stamina and strength have increased tremendously which allows me to take better care of my twin babies. Be ready for…(read more)

Miguels Boot Camp Thousand Oaks puts your mask on first

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Joaquin lost 30lbs!

“So far thanks to Miguel, his meal plans, and workouts I have been able to lose 30 pounds. It’s an accomplishment that I never thought possible before joining Miguel’s boot camp. After a workout with Miguel I feel amazing and rejuvenated. With each workout I can feel my body getting stronger and my endurance building. At the end I have a sense of accomplishment because I know that I’m pushing myself as hard as possible to be great. Its an amazing feeling to…(read more)

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Teresa went from a size 10 to a size 4!

After a workout with Miguel, I am completely soaked…perfectly exhausted – seemingly renewed, and ready to take on anything in my day!
Since starting with Miguel a year ago, my physical stamina has increased tenfold…and my dress size has dropped from 10 to a 4! It’s been empowering, both physically and mentally. Prior to Miguel my sole exercise was tennis a couple of times a week. After a break from tennis, and recovering from a torn ACL and surgery, I learned through Miguel’s training that…(read more)

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Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Heather lost 15lbs!

“Migs is different. The experience at Hard Charger Training Center in Thousand Oaks is amazing. You feel like you receive 1:1 attention and it is a micro-family. We socialize, encourage and support each other. Even at the wee hours of the morning, there is energy and a positive vibe. It is amazing how creative the workouts can be. I never have the exact same experience every day which is great for my body and my mind. Not knowing what to expect makes… (read more)

Miguel's Boot Camp Thousand Oaks | Olga lost 30lbs!

“Before training with Miguel had no energy at all… motivation was a real struggle for me. I was unable to accomplish everything I wanted to do daily from lack of energy. Since working out with Miguel I’ve got lots of energy. I feel much healthier, and I’m always on the go…(read more)